APRIL 1, 1993

Step 1: Information Sources

Please refer to Sections 11.1.1, 11.1.2 and 11.1.3 of the Association's CC&R'S (dated April 21, 1992) for the requirements regarding earthwork more than two (2) feet in depth and potential disturbance of asbestos laden materials, which state you should contact an environmental consulting firm. John Seabury of the £mn of McLaren Hart may be contacted at (916) 638-3696 to request current recommendations.

The Community is included in a Geologic Hazard Abatement District (GHAD) whose purpose is to monitor the geological conditions within Silver Creek Valley Country Club. A checklist has been provided which must be submitted along with the application. If you have further questions, Roy Nelson, the General Manager of GHAD, may be contacted at (408) 353-4303.

Step 2: Submittals for Initial Landscaping or Alterations

All submittals should be sent to Silver Creek Valley Country Club Homeowners Association - Architectural Committee, c/o VierraMooreSantos, 4609 Quail Lakes Drive, Suite 5, or P.O. Box 7915, Stockton, CA 95207 or delivered to the Association Office located at 5106B Silver Creek Valley Road or the Main Gate. Plans may be folded and it is suggested they be sent via Federal Express or UPS so you have a receipt from mailing.

All Architectural Committee submittals shall include a completed GHAD Checklist. This checklist will be forwarded to the district for their files.

The submittal for initial landscaping will then be forwarded to the Association's Landscape Architectural Consultant for their review, comments and forwarding to the Committee. The pool only and additions/alterations submittals will be forwarded directly to the Committee. As the Committee meets bi-monthly, please allow two (2) to four (4) weeks for processing approval, depending on the type of submittal.

After Architectural Committee meeting, the reviewed plans and comments will be sent to applicant for revisions or confirmation of final approval. Upon approval of the Committee, the owner shall diligently proceed with the commencement and completion of all work so approved.

A. Plans for Initial Landscape Submittal

Applicant to submit completed Form A-9, three sets of plans for initial landscaping and a copy of your McKay & Somps plot plan provided by Shea Homes at the time of purchase.

Applicant must include a check made payable to Silver Creek Valley Country Club Homeowners Association in the appropriate amount based upon the following fee structure:

Initial front yard landscaping only $100
Initial rear yard landscaping only $100
If submitted together $150

Pursuant to the Association's CC&R'S, a homeowner must commence landscape installation within 180 days of escrow closing and be completed within one year from closing escrow.

B. Pool Only Submittal

Installation of pools/spas/water features require the Committee's approval. If an owner wishes to have the plans for a pool/spa/water feature approved prior to the submittal of final landscaping plans, please submit two copies of the proposed plans to the Committee along with a completed Form A-9. There is no fee for this review and approval.

C. Additions and Alterations Submitted

After your initial landscaping or additions are installed and an alteration of the house or landscaping is desired, you are required to complete and submit the Form A-10 application. If the request is simple, there will be no fee. If the Committee determines the review is complex and requires an architectural consultant review, the Owner may be subject to an additional review fee. It is strongly recommended that the applicant preview any proposed structural additions or alterations with their adjacent residents as a courtesy.

Step 3: City of San Jose Building Division and Planning Department

Applicant to submit for building permit with the City of San Jose (408) 277-4541 for those alterations or additions that require a building permit. Also, any architectural addition or alteration may require a PD Adjustment depending upon its scope. Contact the Planning Department for information at (408) 277-4576.

Step 4: Completion

Pursuant to Section 11.10.1 of the CC&R' S, the Owner is required to send written notice of completion of either alterations, additions, or landscape improvements. Please send notice and a copy of the GHAD Checklist with signed Construction Completion Statement to Silver Creek Valley Country Club Homeowners Association - Architectural Committee, c/o VierraMooreSantos, P.O. Box 7915, Stockton, CA 95267 or delivered to the Association Office located at 5106B Silver Creek Valley Road or the Main Gate.

The Committee, its consultants or the Association management firm shall inspect the work performed within 60 days of notice of completion and determine whether it was performed in substantial compliance with the approval granted. A copy of all applications, plans and forms shall be maintained by the Association.


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