MARCH 1, 1994

Resolution 94-05

Supersedes Resolution No. 93-08

    WHEREAS, the Board of Directors has authority and responsibility to govern Silver Creek Valley Country Club in accordance with the 'amended and Restated Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions of Silver Creek Valley Country Club" (CC&R 'S) recorded June 1, 1993,'

    WHEREAS, Section 5.6.3 of the CC&R 'S, among other things, requires owners to submit landscaping plans within six (6) months of the close of escrow and installation completed Within one (1) year of close of escrow,'

    WHEREAS, many owners either have not completed or likely will not complete the installation of landscaping within the required time period.

    NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the Board of Directors of the Silver Creek Valley Country Club Homeowners Association does hereby adopt the following as the official Landscape Installation Enforcement Policy of the Association.'

This Policy is not intended to eliminate the rights of owners to strictly enforce Section 5. 6. 3, rather, it reflects the general parameters under which the Association will ordinarily choose to commence enforcement proceedings.

    1. Residents are required to submit landscape plans for review and approval by the Architectural Committee within nine (9) months of the close of escrow.
    2. Residents are required to complete installation of landscape improvements within one (1) year of the close of escrow for front yards and within fifteen (15) months of close of escrow for back yards.
    3. Residents are required to notify the Association of completion of all landscape improvements wherein a final inspection of improvements will be performed within sixty (60) days of notification to determine the work performed is in substantial compliance with the approval granted.
    4. Enforcement: Failure of residents to submit landscape plans or complete landscape installation within the prescribed time frames will cause the Board of Directors to conduct a Hearing pursuant to the Association's Bylaws and adopted Rules and Regulations.
    5. Penalties: After the Hearing, the Board may impose a reimbursement assessment (fine) of $25 for each month or fraction thereof exceeding the due date for plan submittal.

      The Board may impose a reimbursement assessment (fine) of $25 minimum for the first month or fraction thereof exceeding the due date for landscape installation and increasing in increments of an additional S25 minimum per month or fraction thereof until the landscape installation is completed (i.e., S25 first month, S50 second month, $75 third month, etc.).


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