WHEREAS, the Board of Directors has the authority and responsibility to enforce the provisions of the "Amended and Restated Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions of Silver Creek Valley Country Club" (CC&R 'S) recorded June 1, 1993;

    WHEREAS, Section 4. 12 of the CC&R 'S, among other things, prohibits residents from parking in any driveway or any private drive within the Community and the Board of Directors is desirous of clarifying and enforcing these restrictions;

    NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the Board of Directors of the Silver Creek Valley Country Club Homeowners Association does hereby resolve that the following shall serve as the official Driveway Parking Enforcement Policy of the Association:

A) Residents may not park in any driveway, except as follows:

1) During construction activities including installation of landscaping, alterations or additions to homes, a resident may park ONE passenger vehicle in the driveway to allow storage of personal items displaced by the construction activities for a period not to exceed a reasonable date R/ completion of the improvements) In no event shall a resident be permitted to temporarily park longer than sixty (60) days from the start or construction. The resident shall be responsible to notify Management of the temporary' parking of their vehicle.

2) Residents may park their passenger vehicles in their driveways on a temporary, basis for loading and unloading. No resident passenger vehicles may be parked in the driveways on an overnight basis.

3) Residents may park their passenger vehicles in the driveway during their initial move into their residence to allow personal items to be stored in their garages. The initial move-in period is defined as the first 60 days from the date of close of escrow of a residence.

B) Guests are permitted to park their passenger vehicles in their host resident's driveway subject to the following conditions.'

1) No guest may park in a driveway of a residence for longer than seven (7) days within a thirty (30) day period without the approval of Management or the Board of Directors. Guests who will be visiting longer than seven (7) days must be registered with Management including the make, year and license plate number of the passenger vehicle

2) Children or relatives of a resident who are visiting for a duration longer than seven (7) days may park their passenger vehicles in the resident driveway upon notification, registration and approval of Management. Such approval may be subject to a physical inspection for the reasonable appearance of the vehicle. A temporary guest pass will be required to be issued and placed upon the passenger vehicle. This temporary guest pass is not renewable beyond 90 days in any calendar year.

C) Enforcement: Residents who violate the driveway parking restrictions shall be warned and notified for the first offense. Continued violations or failure to
remove vehicles when notified may result in the imposition of a fine or the towing of a vehicle at the owner's expense. The procedures for assessing fines are set forth in the adopted Rules and Regulations shown as Section "D", Page 11 of the Silver Creek Valley Country Club Homeowners Association's "Owners Manual."


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